Sports betting are increasing these days so we could see a lot of people involving in it. It is a prediction about the winning or losing of a team or a player before hand of the game or during the game. The betting will be placed as per the odds and the result may be anything.  If the prediction is right then the people paid for the winning prediction will win the money otherwise they lose it.

Prediction is not easy

Prediction is not at all an easy task to do. It is really huge thing and requires in depth analysis. The person involved in predicting the win or loses of the team or the player is called as handicappers and the technique is called as handicapping. Sports handicapping are famous these days and you can find many handicappers that predict with high accuracy. You can find the list of best handicappers from this link


Each of the handicappers in the given link is unique and skilled in different aspects of handicapping. They are not just doing handicapping with guesses because it is not just for fun as it involves huge money in betting. Handicappers put forth their efforts in analyzing the team and the player using the previous performances, form and other playing status of the player. Handicappers have to spend a lot of time on it.


Moreover it is sure that they could not be in the top list without maintaining accuracy and consistency in accuracy. As you visit the link given above you will find different sorts of information about each handicappers and their handicapping traits.

These handicappers are specialists in different games such as football, basketball and baseball too. The list of tournaments and games that these handicappers deal with include:

  • NFL
  • MLB
  • NBA