Role of Hard Drives in Better Computing Experience – Know Your PC Better!

Role of Hard Drives in Better Computing Experience – Know Your PC Better!

As we’re living in the age of computers, more or less all of us possess an overall idea about the computers and the parts of it. Hard drives are the integral elements of a computer just like the others such as memory, processors, and motherboards. But it’s the hard drive whose health and performance have a huge impact on the computer’s other elements and their performance. Since the hard drives are connected to all the other element of the computer through the PATA or SATA cable, all the components of a computer can be utterly affected by the hard drive. The hard drives have to be accessed for running the computer. Game playing, net surfing, and other important works require a fast and healthy hard drive.

How Hard Drives Work

Though hard drives are quite improved from what it was before at its earlier age, it’s still advancing and the operation of the hard drive is still comparatively simple. All the data and information are stored on the platters and the magnetic heads read and write the data which are installed on a moving actuator arm.

Data, on the hard drive, is stored as pieces. This process of file fragmentation was actually originated to utilize the drive space better since it wasn’t so developed before like now.

What’s Wrong with Hard Drive

Role of Hard Drives in Better Computing Experience – Know Your PC Better!


The file fragments have a serious impact on the computer’s whole system and these are read and assembled by the hard drive. When a user opens a particular program in a computer, he or she waits until the tons of fragments are collected. Both the user and the program need to wait in the same fashion for accessing the files from a program. At the time when system files are fragmented, everything runs slower.

Slow Graphics, Video and Audio

The heavy fragmentation can cause the playback of audio and video files tremendously slow and sluggish. While almost every individual saves the audio, video and graphical files on the computer, it becomes hugely problematic to access those.

Slow Internet Browsing

Internet browsing is one of the most utilized activities in today’s market. While the fast internet browsing gives you an awesome feeling with full of knowledge gaining, a slow internet browsing can ruin your day. And the heavy fragmentation becomes one of the reasons for worsened web browsing. Temporarily files are downloaded by the browser to your computer and These files are saved in a fragmented way.  Your web performance will be worse when you save more fragmented files.


So, these are the ways, how the hard drive can affect your PC without even letting you know. While we only see the external parts of our computer, we may not have a single idea about the things going on inside our device. Most of us are not aware of the importance of hard drives and its effects on the computer.

While you have read all about the hard drives and how it can improve or degrade your PC’s performance here in this article, you must be interested in digging more about the internal parts of your PC. Well, in this case, Layerpoint can assist you with the detailed segments about the PC, software, and hardware. So, are you ready to know your PC better?